Retired Dogs

Lilypad "Lily"

Doerner’s Shadowy Lilypad “Lily” was rehomed after one litter. Lily did not love being a momma. We did not want to force her to breed again. She is now living her best life in Alabama with her new family. We get regular updates from her new owner. We miss her. She has a new sister, she has acres to run, balls to destroy, and has adapted well to her new home.


Doerner’s Stunning Stella is no longer with us. We lost her earlier this year. She was my best girl. She took care of other litters. She wanted to play with all the puppies. She was friends with all of the adults whether they wanted to be her friend or not. We were very lucky to have her for the short time that we did. She was loved and is missed so much.

Lucy Lu

This was Lucy Lu Doerner. She was our first female lab. We lost her in July 2023. It was a hard loss. We loved her very much and miss her every day. Star is her daughter and reminds me of her so much. Her mother was an American Lab while her father was a great, big stocky English lab. She had two litters of pups with Cooper and one litter with Bentley. She was a very laid back, fun lab. She never met a stranger. She loved everyone. The UPS or Fed Ex truck pulled up, and she jumped in, ready to go. She liked to play for a short time, but then she wanted her belly rubbed. She weighed 94 pounds. Lucy had a champion in her bloodline. Her hips were rated Excellent by the OFA, and she was been genetically cleared of EIC, PRA, and CNM.