Our Girls

Meet "Bella"

(Doerner'sItsy Bitsy Bella)

This is Doerner’s Itsy Bitsy Bella. She is the daughter of Jazzy and Bentley. She was the tiniest pup in their litter. I became very attached to her, and so she joined our crazy crew. She is full throttle with everything she does. She likes to pick up sticks and bring them to me. She will go pick them up as long as I don’t throw them too far! When we play ball, she gets distracted and comes back to sit at my feet. She loves to play with the rest of the pups, but she especially loves to play with her momma. We’ll breed her with Tucker and possibly Jack. She is a very dark fox red. She has an English build but a more American head. Both Jazzy and Bentley have clear OFAs - we consider her clear by parents. Bella weighs 86 pounds. We are excited to continue our lines.


Meet "Carlie"

(Doerner’s Crimson Carlie)

Doerner’s Crimson Carlie is Riley’s sister from another litter. She is gorgeous. She’s a very dark red English lab. My youngest wanted to name her Puggy. We didn’t make Puggy her official name, but we all call her Puggy or Pugs. She loves to be petted. She flops over and says rub my belly. Pugs and Riley have similar personalities. They are both very sweet and would rather be loved on than chase the ball or play. We plan to breed her with Jack.

Meet "Jazzy"

(Doerner’s Scarlet Jasmine)

This is Doerner’s Scarlet Jasmine “Jazzy”. Jazzy was one of the biggest of her litter. She’s a fun dog who wants to play all the time. She loves chasing the ball. She is smart. She learned to sit, shake, and lie down quickly. She wants to make us happy. She’s got a great dark red coat. She’s going to make some fabulous puppies. Jazzy has champion lines in her pedigree. Jazzy weighs 86 pounds. She has been genetically cleared of EIC, PRA, and CNM.

Meet "Luna"

(Doerner’s Luminous Luna)

Our sweet giant, Doerner’s Luminous Luna is so tall, has giant paws, and will sit and lick your face. She is a gorgeous charcoal. She’s got the loudest, deepest bark, but is the sweetest girl. Once she gets her zoomies out, she will sit on the porch with me while I pet her. She can be very calm. She gives Tucker and Jack a run for their money with ball chasing. I always cheer her on when she snags it before they do. Cooper will let her chase the ball down, but then he’ll grab it from her when she brings it back. It’s hilarious. Luna has had one litter with Gunner. They had some gorgeous silver and charcoal pups. Luna weighs 75 pounds. 


Meet "Stormy"

(Doerner’s Midnight Storm)

This is Doerner’s Midnight Storm. “Stormy” (we call her our Munchkin though) is a great dog! She’s such a smart dog. She has quickly learned to sit, shake (both paws), lie, and roll over. We got her from Patoka River Labs. She is a charcoal lab. She is our smallest girl. She is a great addition to our family. When she wants to play, she will find her bear or pig and bring it to us! She carries all colors and the tan point gene. She is Embark clear. She weighs 65 pounds. She loves the other dogs. We are so glad to have her.


Meet "Winnie"

(Doerner’s Snowy Wynter)

This is Doerner’s Snowy Wynter. “Winnie” (I call her Winifred) is a gorgeous giant dog! She’s such a smart dog. She loves to play. She runs me over on a regular basis. She doesn’t know how big she is! She carries charcoal, champagne, and black. She is Embark clear. She has champion blood lines. We can’t wait to see what she produces. She and Riley are best friends. She’s good with all the dogs. She doesn’t realize she’s bigger than most of the older ladies and could easily take them out. Winnie weighs 86 pounds! 


Meet "Riley"

(Doerner’s Rosey Riley)

This is Doerner’s Rosey Riley. Riley is the sweetest little girl. She wants to be loved. She wants you to pet her all day and tell her what a good girl she is. She doesn’t care about the ball. She’s not motivated by food. She likes treats, but she wants to be snuggled on. She loves to go to the creek. She is our Stella’s niece. We are excited to welcome her sister in early 2023. She and Winnie get into some trouble. The both love to chew on the deer antlers. Riley is Embark clear. She has champion blood lines. She is more English built. She definitely has the English personality of being more laid back. Both of Riley's parents have clear OFAs - we consider her by parentage. Riely weighs 80 pounds. 


Meet "Star"

(Doerner’s Shining Star)

This is Doerner’s Shining Star "Star". Star is the offspring of Lucy and Bentley. She was the darkest girl in her litter. She's very feisty. She's also very loving. She just had her first litter. She is an excellent momma. I am so proud of her. She had 9 puppies in 3 hours and jumped up the next hour like she was ready to go chase the ball. Her puppies have so many traits of Lucy and Bentley. It's so neat to see "grand dogs". Star is very motivated. She wants to chase the ball and retrieve. She likes to have a job. She and Tucker are so similar in personality. It's a great pairing. She has an American face and an American demeanor. Both her parents had clear OFA's so we consider her clear. Star weighs 80 pounds.