Our Boys

Meet "Cooper"

(Cooper Thomas Doerner)

This is Cooper Thomas Doerner “Cooper”. He is our silver lab. We brought him home in 2014. He and Lucy have produced 2 amazing litters of puppies. He's had a few other litters with other ladies but is now retired. Although he thinks he should not be retired! LOL He is a great retriever. He will chase the ball for hours. He’s friendly to everyone who knows his name. He smiles because he’s so happy. He is Gunner's daddy. Cooper has field champion, junior hunter, and champions in his line. He weights 86 pounds. He is genetically clear of EIC, PRA, and CNM. He also has Fair rated hips by the OFA.

Meet "Bentley"

(Doerner’s Blazing Bentley)

This is Doerner’s Blazing Bentley “Bentley”. He was our first Fox Red English Lab. He is a great, fun dog. He literally just wants to be loved on. He has this spot on his neck where you rub, and he practically falls over from happiness! He’s very laid back. Of all of our dogs, Bentley is the most chill. He’s not hyper; he’ll chase the ball for a bit. He likes going to the creek. He lazes around most days. He’s going to make some great puppies. Bentley has champions in his line. Bentley weighs 84 pounds. He is genetically clear of EIC and CNM. He is a carrier of PRA, but does not have PRA. Bentley has Good hips and Normal elbows as rated by the OFA. He has produced some gorgeous pups. We are very proud of him. 

Meet "Jack"

(Doerner’s Jumping Jack)

Doerner’s Jumping Jack is aptly named. When we brought him home, he jumped off everything. He is a sweet boy. He loves to retrieve. Loves it. He doesn’t love to bring it back. He wants to keep it but if you throw another ball, he goes after it too. He is so fast. If he has a toy, he wants to play keep away from the other dogs. If he has no toys, he’ll sit and let us pet him. He and Puggy (Carlie) are best friends. We got them about a month apart. They have grown up together. We are very excited to see their pups. He is a deep fox red.


Meet "Tucker"

(Doerner’s Troublesome Tucker)

This big guy is Doerner’s Troublesome Tucker. His personality matches his name! He’s always getting into something. He runs with the big dogs but plays so well with the littler ones. He and Gunner are best buds. Tucker has an amazing pedigree. Multi-champions on both sides of his line. He is Embark clear. He has a fun personality. He is very food motivated; he loves his treats! He is very driven. He loves to retrieve more than any other lab we own. Both of his parents had their OFA completed. Tucker weighs 75 pounds. We consider his hips and elbows clear by parents. 


Meet "Mini Coop" Gunner

(Doerner’s Dauntless Gunner)

This is our Mini Coop aka Doerner’s Dauntless Gunner. This big guy is the offspring of our Cooper and Patoka River Labs’ Daisy. He is fearless. The day we brought him home, he dove off the back deck, hit his head, shook it off, and hasn’t stopped since. He is a very happy dog. His tongue is always hanging out, and he loves to chase the ball. He also loves to be petted. He will stop everything he is doing if you rub the side of his head. It's very sweet. He is Embark clear. He has a few champions in his pedigree as does Coop. He carries the tan point gene. Gunner weighs 79 pounds. He is a great looking boy.