Breeding Labradors of Star Quality

We breed what we consider to be some of the finest Labrador Retrievers in the country. If you're considering adding on to your family, we'd love to chat with you.

Kaden, Abby, & Keegan with Stormy and Gunner’s Puppies

Welcome To Doerner's Star Labs

We’re the Doerner Family, a family of 5 who loves having Labradors!  We’ve been breeding dogs for over 10 years but decided to focus on breeding labs.  Our labs are our pets.  We had our first litter of labs in 2017.  We started with Lucy (yellow) and Cooper (silver) and have expanded our brood to include Stormy and Luna (charcoal), Jazzy, Winnie (champagne), Riley, Carlie, Star, Bella, Jack, Tucker, Gunner, and Bentley.  All have different personalities!  They interact with our kids daily.  Jazzy, Riley, Carlie, Bella, Jack, Tucker, and Bentley are fox red Labradors.  Fox red is a gorgeous red.  We have had some beautiful fox red lab puppies!  Fun fact – Carlie and Riley have the same parents.  They are both the sweetest girls. Stormy and Gunner carry the tan point gene and throw tan points. Both tan points in their last litter were gorgeous.

All of our dogs are AKC registered and have had genetic testing completed.  Some of our dogs have had their hips and / or elbows rated by the OFA. We plan to have all of our dogs hips and elbows rated by the OFA.

Doerner's Star Labs, LLC BBB Business Review
Abby and her pumpkin patch full of puppies.

A little History...

Before we got married, we bought our first puppy together. She was a little chihuahua that we named Amber. I wanted to have puppies. I had no idea what I was doing, but we bought a chocolate boy. We had puppies. We lived in town and had multiple litters. In 2014, we moved to the country. My husband had always wanted a lab, so I found a very nice family in northern Indiana that had Cooper. We brought him home. The kids were so excited. A few months went by, and I stumbled across a family selling Lucy. We brought Lucy home. We thought it might be fun to have a litter. How cute would silver and white puppies be? LOL Lucy refused Cooper for two years. She finally had her first litter. To our shock, she had 12 black lab puppies. You can also imagine what a shock it was to go from chihuahua puppies to giant lab puppies. We did it and have been having litters since 2017. 



Where We're Located.

We live outside of Francisco, Indiana.  Francisco is about 40 minutes from Evansville.  We are 2.5 hours from Louisville and Indianapolis.  We live in the country and have a creek that our dogs swim in.  In 2022, we built our kennel.  We are thrilled with how it turned out.  We love our dogs and are excited to start on this new venture.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions and check out the rest of our website.  You can find us on Facebook and Instagram where we update with pictures and videos of our dogs and lab puppies all the time.